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So, the term ‘tune up’ typically refers to an attempt to bring the car’s performance back up to factory specs, AKA regularly scheduled maintenance. If you have a car that is from 1970, yeah, you’ll need an actual tune up, but these days, most cars come with a computer that takes care of what a mechanic used to have to do by hand. Sorry if you enjoyed the smell of a bad fuel mixture. That being said, relying solely on your check engine light to tell you that it’s time to get it into the shop to let an actual human look inside the hood is kind of silly. There is much more to a ‘tune up’ than just swapping out air filters and spark plugs- both of which are a good idea by the way.

If you have a dirty fuel injector, you’re going to need a person to deal with that, plus we’d be impressed to see a computer change your oil or replace a worn timing belt. We kid, but actually getting your vehicle serviced regularly can and usually saves money in the long run, and a metric ton of frustration in the immediacy. So, tune up, RSM, whatever you choose to call it, it will help keep you on the road, more money in your wallet and will equal less time in the shop.

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