Rexburg Radiator Repair and Cooling Service

Rexburg Radiator Repair and Cooling Service | Car Shop

Did you know that your internal engine temperature can reach an average of 170-200+ degrees? That’s considered a comfortable running temperature too. A combustion engine actually runs off small explosions. Hence combustion engine. That’s pretty dang hot. Add to that the hot summer months and the toll they take on your car, you can see pretty quickly why a functioning radiator is essential. When things inside get too hot, it can actually damage the engine by blowing gaskets and warping aluminum heads. What it means is, smoke billowing out of the hood of your car on the side of the road. If you see coolant leaking out of the bottom of your car, or if it’s running hotter than normal, it’s a good indicator that you may need to get your radiator looked at.

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