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Roads that are in poor condition can affect your car's ability to drive straight. Unfortunately, the only way to tell if your car needs an alignment is to get it in here for a check up. Alignments are much more than just a way to keep your car from steering incorrectly, it also helps keep your tires from wearing out unevenly, which in turn raises MPG, and more importantly, keeps you and your passengers safer, which is a good thing.

An alignment is also much easier on the wallet than a new set of tires, so periodic alignment checks are strongly recommended every other oil change or so. Maybe even sooner depending on driving conditions. A properly aligned car can add thousands of miles on to the life of your tires and keep suspension from wearing out. In a nutshell, aligned cars cost less in the long run.


Hoses can wear out, causing a plethora of problems. As they age, hoses can become brittle and crack, causing leakage, fitting issues and other things nobody wants. Sometimes, you can see that a hose has had it simply by visually inspecting it, other times, it may actually be worn on the inside, while appearing fine on the outside.

Noise & Rattle

Finding these can be tricky to say the least. Pretty much any part of the car can be responsible for this. everything from a component in the engine and transmission, to weak seals in doors and fittings up to the shattered ceramic material in a failed catalytic converter can cause audible irritation. The first question to ask is, does it rattle when the car is moving, or is it when the car is idle? finding these can be a needle in a haystack, although, needles tend to be hard to find anywhere you drop them. Getting a solid mechanic involved will help you find exactly where in the proverbial haystack the metaphorical needle is lodged.

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