Auto Fluid Leaks Repair in Rexburg

Auto Fluid Leaks Repair in Rexburg | Car Shop

It’s one of the many joys of automobile ownership. There’s nothing quite like going out to start the car and finding the puddle of...whatever the heck it is dripping from under the mysterious crevasse between the wheels. Power Steering? Maybe. engine coolant? Sure. Transmission fluid? Could be. Brake fluid? Yikes. In any case, you’re going to need to get that looked at. Much more than just an annoying stain on the asphalt or garage floor, those fluids are there for a reason and ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. Eventually, the absence of those fluids is going to cause a failure. In some cases, if it’s engine oil or brake fluid, having a leak can seize your engine, prevent you from braking properly, make it difficult to steer and result in an accident.

Sometimes, a replacement of a worn-out hose or gasket can solve the problem and save a lot of money, time and frustration. If your car’s piddle stream is a bright green or occasional orange color, it’s most likely your coolant, which without, your engine will overheat. a Gasoline leak (meaning it smells like gas, and probably because it is) means that there is a hole in your gas tank or a leaky fuel pump and you should have taken that bump at the end of the street a little easier. One look at the prices at the pump and you’ll understand why this is an emergency. If you suspect it’s oil dripping from your car, get it in to be fixed, it can damage your engine without it. If you suspect it is brake fluid, don’t even drive it- have it towed here.

What about water? That simply means your car is doomed…just kidding. In fact, more than likely, it’s just condensation from the A/C and isn’t even a leak at all. Give it a few minutes and the “leak” with have magically patched itself. In any other case, getting your car in here is probably the most advisable course of action.

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