Why should I own a diesel truck?

Why should I own a diesel truck?  There is no question about it diesel trucks are very powerful, they have the heavy suspension to carry and pull very heavy loads.  Diesels are hardworking trucks and get the big jobs done.  Half-ton gas trucks, which I own, are great but I have had several times when the suspension and the rear end were not strong enough for what I needed to be done.  Using the wrong truck will damage it!  The saying "go big or go home", fits diesel trucks very well.  They can handle the light work and are ready for the heavy work when it comes.

A diesel motor is very different from a gas engine and if taken care of will last far longer than a gas engine.  It is not uncommon to see 1-ton diesel trucks with over 300,000 miles on it.  We work on a lot of diesels.  We have two very good diesel techs, and they swear buy them as do I.  Yes, the fuel prices are high but they will come down, and a diesel truck is a great truck that will work for years and years. 

     We do not sell vehicles but if you have any questions about diesels please call us, we would love to talk to you.




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