Idaho Car Shop Performs Ballistic Study on Automobile


Rexburg Car Shop is going to be shooting. This is what we're trying to do right here on the fender we're going to be shooting at the car with the idea of hitting just the engine block, not the alternator, not the radiator coils or anything like that. So if we shoot right in there, we should be hitting the engine block. Then we're going to try after the engine is dead trying to see what caliber will actually take it out. We are kind of interested. So it's running with a 9 mm, 45, ACT. Then we're going to go to 10 mm. Then we're going to 44 Magnum, 460 and then we're going to get up to even higher calibers and rifles: 6.5 Creedmoor, 556 and a 300 Win Mag. Let’s see how much fun we can have, and how much damage you can create!


Kill it, kill the engine, straight through the heart. 300 Win Mag took it down. 


All right guys, that was a good result, I’m happy with this. That was awesome!


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