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Should I invest in my older vehicle?

Should I invest in my older vehicle?

In today’s auto market it makes a lot more sense investing a vehicle you currently own, verses jumping into the new or used auto market.  Because of supply issues the vehicles available in the market today are extremely reduced.  Some numbers are showing 900,00.00 new vehicles available while two years ago there were over 4,000,000.00 new vehicles for sale.  That puts a lot of pressure on the businesses selling vehicles to put whatever they can on the streets.  We have seen a large increase of people who have owned a car for days or weeks putting in engines, transmission, head gaskets and so on.   With the pressure these companies are experiencing to make the sale, quality is often a question, and the prices are escalating daily.  We have the conversation daily with our customers to invest in the car you know instead of buying some else ... read more



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