Rexburg Auto A/C and Heating Service and Repair

Rexburg Auto A/C and Heating Service and Repair | Car Shop

Did you know, at one time, vehicle A/C units actually used ice to cool things down? If only that was still the case, our job would be a lot easier. Unfortunately, these days a complex system that moves what is actually hot air with the hot gasses removed from it via a compressor does the cooling. In this way, car air conditioners are a lot like some people- they're full of hot air and gas.

While Rexburg seems to see snow three-fourths of the year, those other few months feel like they can be hot enough to melt the soles of your shoes. Without a functional A/C, in that kind of heat, your sanity might melt as well. That's why it is vital to get your A/C serviced. The A/C also helps to pull humidity out of the cabin. You may notice that it doesn't blow as cold as it used to, or just takes a small lifetime to get cool enough. If that is indeed the case, it may be time to get it looked at. Sometimes, A/C units need to be "recharged" in order to restore that refreshing, cold breeze that is almost mandatory come August.

Heating is just as important. When temperatures reach below zero, a simple drive to the store can be agony. Rather than having to grip onto a frigid steering wheel until your fingers turn funny colors, why not let us make sure that your heater is working as it should?

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